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  • Closed book... Not surprising. I am really good at hiding my feelings, I think. I mean, I am good at holding back tears, and I can smile even though I'm sad, just not wanting to show people what I'm really feeling. I don't know about others, but if it is something that I really hate, it is when people feel bad for me and try to comfort me. I just want to be alone when I'm sad, so I just CAN'T show others that I am. Which happens kinda often...

  • close book.. so true! i may have many friends but no one ever cared what is inside this book they are all so selfish how can i call them friends?! I am completely rarified. I don't say much, but many don't even seem to care what's inside me! i'll tell you what's inside me- i am full of feelings not random feelings but... i can't go on babbling now! i have a bestie! on day i told her that "eli, u r my best friend" she said," imight be but you are not" i pretended that it meant nothing but i really felt so hurt. i was doing everything i could- for her and she doesn't care, recently she has started ignoring me! i am ashamed to call her my best friend!

    its so easy to share online!
    awsome quiz

  • Are you Open Book?
    Your Result: you are open book!

    You are like open book! people can read your mind and you are honest and always show people how do you feel! you hate two face people and you have true proud and never change yourself!


  • well, You are like close book! you are shady,wise and you never show people how do you feel! you can be mean sometime,but you are so smart and you never show people that!


  • Nice

  • great quiz! i love it!


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