Are You Like Helena Bonham Carter?

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There a lot of smart people but a few genuis's can you master this invigerating quiz? If your smarter than me about this awsome person then dare to challenge me at my own game!!

In a few simple minutes you my find you are a true Helena Bonham Carter Master. But if not aw well i guess you can study and try again next time.Chao!

Created by: Haley

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  1. Do You Like Dresses With Corsets?
  2. Do you like tim burton
  3. Have you ever sung in a Musical?
  4. Do you like to model!
  5. Have you ever met Johnny Depp?
  6. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  7. Do you like crazy hair do"s?
  8. How many Pets do you have?
  9. Are You into The Old Monarchys?
  10. Do you like to act?
  11. Do You Like blodd and guts?

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Quiz topic: Am I Like Helena Bonham Carter?