Are you good at studying?

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There are many smart people in the world. How do they be smart? Of course, by studying. There is no magic to getting an A for an exam. Those people who get good marks work hard for it. It's not like you're born smart and straight-A student.

Are you good at studying? And are you a good student also? this quiz tells you. It's accurate, so I wouldn't say it isn't. Please comment at the end! Thanks.

Created by: BookPony672
  1. Let's start with some co-curricular questions first! :) Which means it does not effect your results very much! Shall I continue?
  2. What's your favourite ACADEMIC subject? (Not including sports, music etc)
  3. You are sitting through your LEAST favourite ACADEMIC class. You feel bored and want the bell to ring for lunch. But there are still 45 minutes!! What do you do?
  4. So...there's a very important project that's due TOMORROW!! It's lunch right now & you're hanging around your mates. Then your teacher comes up to you and reminds you of the IMPORTANT project due tomorrow. You completely FORGOT ABOUT IT!! You tell your teacher the truth and say you'll do it straight after you finish eating. But then, you realize you have [insert sport here] practice as well! What do you do?
  5. Are you a teachers pet?
  6. You score 22% in a test. That's even lower than average!! It's your worse result ever YET, unless you've had a lot more worse result than that. On the bottom of the paper, it said that students MUST GIVE THE TEST RESULT to their parents to sign!!! You know your parents are going to be MAD!! So... in this **sticky** situation, what do you do?
  7. Now... how many hours do you study in a day?
  8. When studying, do you read each and every question CAREFULLY?
  9. So, be honest with me... do you sneak up on websites (Facebook, MSN etc) while studying?
  10. You're done! Okay, can you tell me two things: 1) Did you like this quiz and 2) Can you comment so I can improve on my next quizzes? Oh, and by the way, this quiz is supposed to be "Are you a good student" + "Are you good at studying" mashed up together.

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Quiz topic: Am I good at studying?