How Good Of a Student Are You?

What type of student do you think to are? Straight a? Ok. Maybe you don't even know. But if you don't then that's fine cause that's what this quiz is for.

Remember this is just for entertainment! And everyone is smart in their own waaaaay. Remember to comment your result... I'll be checking all your comments so I can improve, and for fun! Yay dats all.

Created by: Awesome
  1. A school test is coming up, and you've just gotten your notification. You've got a week to study. What do you think about this time?
  2. You failed the test, what's your reaction.
  3. You've got a test tomorrow that you didn't study for, it's waaay last your bedtime what do you do.
  4. Your teacher is proud of you, on average.
  5. So overall would you consider yourself a good student? (Be honest)
  6. Would you say people at your school call you smart?
  7. Do you think your going to drop out if school...
  8. What do your friends and family think?
  9. How accurate do you think this quiz is?
  10. Are you going to recommend this quiz to anyone?

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Quiz topic: How Good Of a Student am I?