Are You From The South?

Where are you from? A busy city? A slow and lazy town? Are you from some place in the middle? The answers are right in front of you! Did you go to a gigantic school or a small one?

Are You from the south? The greatest place in the world? Or are you a yankee that can't find yonder? Ever been chased by an alligator or a pit bull? You could be from the south!!!

Created by: Lisa
  1. Where do you get peaches from?
  2. How many people go to your school?
  3. Do you know what a banjo is?
  4. Do you live on a dirt road?
  5. Who sings the song "dirt road anthem"?
  6. Who is your favorite blonde?
  7. Do you have any tatoos(or want any)?
  8. What do your fave jeans look like?
  9. what do your nails look like?
  10. Do you own boots?

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Quiz topic: Am I From The South?