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  • 4% ****ing six pack

    blueflame9658 Feb 16 '16, 6:22AM
  • only 58? i should be like 80-90 im pretty fat

    TheCoolDuck May 20 '15, 1:29AM

  • 38%

    Your close to getting a little poke of a stomach but you're still pretty cute and have a pretty flat stomach!

    A LITTLE POKE OF A STOMACH? It's a roll, trust me.

    Nicholas1928 Jul 26 '13, 12:25PM
  • You are 61% Fat!

    A roll of fat has been found on your body. It's not like your fat or anything you just have a little bit of a tummy!

    A little bit? I'll have to start eating more, this won't do!

    Chubbykitty May 11 '13, 1:47AM
  • 90 nice

    bigchubbygurl Dec 13 '12, 2:34PM
  • how can i get fat!! oh btw 100% but i'm thin i just eat alot

    powerpuff57 Sep 28 '12, 11:07PM
  • awsomness only 10

    waterlover999 Dec 21 '11, 6:17PM
  • 5%! Oh yeah!! But im not that sportsy and i exercise only a little. Im just really skinny its awsome. :)

    Starwars lover May 3 '11, 7:46PM
  • 100% Fat - It's true I am like the fastest person ever, but hey I want to be bigger

    PorkyGirl123 Mar 20 '11, 3:53PM
  • 38.. sad.

    Dark_Vampire101 Feb 19 '11, 8:47PM
  • 10%! Woot Woot!

    Nice quiz.

    pinkjumper Nov 18 '10, 3:42PM
  • 54%, it says I have 1 roll, I actually have like 10, (I'm so flabby and I luv it :P)

    ObeseAndProud Nov 9 '10, 7:33AM
  • 19%. I like the quiz, but I'm not sure how accurate it is cuz im REALLY fat! At least, I think so. ;)

    doglover374 May 31 '10, 8:28PM
  • 27? Um...well my arms are a little big but my stomach isn't.

    SimlishSammy May 12 '10, 6:10PM
  • 8% well i guess im pretty skinny.. i mostly eat veggies than meat :D thats who i am right now im eating apples and i dont enjoy them but im eating them cuz i feel like it! but yaa i eat carbs NOT a lot but c'mon i can't starve myself

    moola Apr 25 '10, 12:02AM
  • i got 24%

    sassy rocker Apr 24 '10, 4:45PM
  • Wow I only got %37? Hmm I guess it's true because I don't have a double chin, my hands are pretty boney and my fingers are long and tapered(i use them to play the piano XD), and I've been losing a few pounds ever since the weather became nice.

    rinabear Apr 11 '10, 1:52AM
  • 52%

    AnarchyChick Apr 10 '10, 9:53PM
  • 52%

    AnarchyChick Apr 10 '10, 9:53PM
  • 52%

    AnarchyChick Apr 10 '10, 9:50PM
  • 16% fat hell yea i aaint fat

    ruffles138 Apr 9 '10, 9:29PM
  • 1,000 rep workout, dude

    Appayipyip42 Apr 7 '10, 7:39PM

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