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  • you fat, or average?
    Your Result: Morbidly Obese 89%

    Good Lord. Fat peeps are cool, but you are just gross. Sorry if I offended you but... Why do some people get this way? If you do manage to lose weight, then don't feel pressured to be aneroxic, just stop at a pleasant plumness.

    57% Fat

    Shayne W Shay
  • Got 78% average and 75% fat. I think there is an option (like chubby or pudgy) missing. Btw 87 pounds is too skinny. Like rly. I am around 118, same height, but 0 muscular mass and almost all in my belly haha I'm flat chested

  • Your Result: Average

    Good job at keeping your weight down! Keep at it, but if you get pudgy that's alright I won't judge you. ;) Actually, they say pudgy is now the new thin!

    That made me feel GOOD.

  • This quiz gave me anorexic. I'm not too skinny. 87 pounds is not too skinny if you are 5' 2'' it just isn't. 67 pounds- that is skinny for somebody who's 5'2''

    • It is far too skinny. Youre nearly 20 pounds underweight

      Long Wang Barry
  • How do I get 78% average and 78% anorexic freak? Im 95kg/209lbs at 6ft2. Im full of muscles. Not fat but far from anorexia

    Long Wang Barry
  • i'm 13 and i have morbidly obese!


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