Are you fat, or average?

Have you ever wanted to find out if you're fat, average, skinny, aneroxic, pot-bellied, or morbidly obese? Well, now you can! This is one of the best fat quizzes ever!

I have created this quiz because I found a real good fat quiz, but my computer got jacked up, and I never got my results... So I create a similar quiz!

Created by: Harley
  1. Sit down and bend way over. Can you see your belly button?
  2. Could you fit a small object, such as a battery or a marble, in one of your fat rolls?
  3. Slap your belly. What did it do?
  4. Stand up, and look down. What are you seeing?
  5. Do people call you fat?
  6. Which weight listed here best fits you?
  7. Do YOU think you're fat?
  8. What's your favorite food?
  9. Opinion question: These last two questions are totally opinion. They will not affect your result. Do you want to gain or lose weight?
  10. What do YOU think you are?

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Quiz topic: Am I fat, or average?