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  • You are as Cool as Chuck Norris

    You are practically a god. There should be statues erected in your honor. If I didn't know you better, I would think you WERE Chuck Norris. You aren't him, are you? Can I have your autograph?

    sweet ...

  • No one is cooler than Chuck Norris...

    All this started with Vin Diesel Facts. They were changed to Chuck Norris Facts because Chuck Norris Facts are so much more realistic.

    Hikaru Katsu
  • You are cooler than Chuck Norris %100

    You are Stephen Seagul,And you would kick his A** with your eyes shut!


  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF? god made this quiz to inforem all the lessor beings of Chuck Norrises awsomeness

    c man

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