Are You Cooler Than Chuck Norris?

Why even bother reading this first paragraph? The title says it all.Why are you still reading? No one cares what the description says! Would you stop reading already?

Chuck Norris would have stopped reading by now. As a matter of fact, Chuck Norris wouldn't even have to bother taking this quiz. Chuck Norris is probably with your girlfriend right now.

Created by: The Geek of fuel the rebellion
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  1. If Chuck Norris met four Ninjas in a dark alley at night while he was blindfolded, what would happen?
  2. If Chuck Norris married Angelina Jolie, what would their daughters look like?
  3. Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwartzeneggar, Sylvester Stallone and Steven Seagal get involved in a bar fight. What is the outcome?
  4. Here's another one: If Chuck Norris and Nicole Kidman had a son, what would he be like?
  5. Who would win, Superman or Chuck Norris?
  6. Chuck Norris is being held captive by terrorists. What ransom would you pay to get him back?
  7. You meet a woman on the internet and she claims she is Chuck Norris's sister. What should you do in this situation?
  8. What makes Chuck Norris so great?
  9. True or False: Chuck Norris is a god.
  10. If he could be a tree, what kind of tree would Chuck Norris be?

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Quiz topic: Am I Cooler Than Chuck Norris?