can chuck norris kill you

take this quiz to see where you stand against Chuck Norris, weather your doomed to be ultimately destroyed by Chuck Norris or your simply not worth the effort to bury you body

are you destined to be killed by Chuck Norris... of course you are but at least you'll know if your a priority or just a pathetic waste of space. if your taking this quiz your obvioulsy not that bright the answer to the quiz is yes regaurdless of your input

Created by: issac

  1. how many martial arts have you mastered
  2. how many minions do you have(if any)?
  3. your plans for the future are...
  4. Were Chuck Norris to show up at your home, you would...
  5. The first word you think of when you hear the name 'Chuck Norris' is...
  6. if you knew chuck norris was on his way you would
  7. do you think you can beat Chuck Norris
  8. even faced with the undeniable fact that you are ultimatly doomed to utterly fail and die at the hands of Chuck Norris why fight him
  9. how is it that you lack the common sense to realize how cosmically revolutionary and remarkably stupid this idea is
  10. Chuck Norris is making a hit list and your on it... what is going through your mind

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