Chuck Norris, mr. T or pac-man, whos your favorite.

There are many strong people, but few have true strength. true strength is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is true strength? true strength is Chuck Norris, Mr. T and Pac-Man (on drugs)

find out which of these three is your favorite by answering a few questions in the quiz. There is not wrong or right answeres, just pick and find out your result at the end

Created by: sarris

  1. do you like pizza?
  2. can chuck norris have two feet on the floor and still kick your ass?
  3. is Mr. T a fool?
  4. who would win in a fight?
  5. finish the sentance: Jack was nimble, Jack was quick...
  6. is the terminator Chuck Norris's b!tch?
  7. who do you think you like best?
  8. who can slam revolving doors?
  9. who would you rather get killed by
  10. can Mr, T die?
  11. can Chuck Norris die?

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Quiz topic: Chuck Norris, mr. T or pac-man, whos my favorite.