Are you a Brow haired psyco that enjoys torturing small animals?

Well, when you take this quiz I hope you choose wisely. You could be a brown haired psycho, or you could be a pansy. the choice is yours!!! will you save an old man Or brutally murder him. Will you choose your name, will you become Fidel Castro.

Although you will have to make some terrifying decisons, I hope you choose the right one. Good Luck on your quest! You will encounter many frightening things on your journey through the world of pain. You may even meet........ Chuck NOrris!!

Created by: Chris

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you saw an old man crossing the street, you would...
  2. If there was a vietnam vet on your lawn asking for food you would...
  3. If you saw a knocked out person with their mouth open you would...
  4. gjkagjfstyfuisdyt?!!!
  5. If you were king, the first law you would make would be...
  6. If you could save the world you would...
  7. Do you admire fidel castro?
  8. Who Are you?
  9. Stop anwering questions!!
  10. If you made a quiz, what would it-..

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Quiz topic: Am I a Brow haired psyco that enjoys torturing small animals?