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Animals are a major group of multicellular organisms that feed by consuming material from other living things. Their body plan becomes fixed as they develop, usually early on in their development as embryos, although some undergo a process of metamorphosis later on in their life. Most animals are motile - can move spontaneously and independently.

Animals are generally considered to have evolved from a flagellated eukaryote. Their closest known living relatives are the choanoflagellates, collared flagellates that have a morphology similar to the choanocytes of certain sponges. Molecular studies place animals in a supergroup called the opisthokonts, which also include the choanoflagellates, fungi and a few small parasitic protists. The name comes from the posterior location of the flagellum in motile cells, such as most animal spermatozoa, whereas other eukaryotes tend to have anterior flagella. The first fossils that might represent animals appear towards the end of the Precambrian, around 575 million years ago, and are known as the Ediacaran or Vendian biota. These are difficult to relate to later fossils, however. Some may represent precursors of modern phyla, but they may be separate groups, and it is possible they are not really animals at all. Aside from them, most known animal phyla make a more or less simultaneous appearance during the Cambrian period, about 542 million years ago. It is still disputed whether this event, called the Cambrian explosion, represents a rapid divergence between different groups or a change in conditions that made fossilization possible. If this was not interesting, you are a brutal, barbaric caveman or -woman.

Created by: Mardith
  1. Are you arrogant?
  2. What is your favourite TV programme?
  3. What kind of candies do you prefer?
  4. Which colour do you prefer?
  5. Which animal do you prefer?
  6. Are you
  7. Are you
  8. Did you notice that questions 8 and 9 were actually the same?
  9. Is this quiz boring?
  10. Phew! Only this question, and the quiz is finished!

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