How Extremely Ridiculous These Quizzes Can Be!

Oh, wow, geeze. I'm "almost done!" Well, I created this quiz because I was looking through all the quizzes and none of them were really to my liking (except the 7 deadly sins). A lot of them were poop and garbage and many other adjectives I can't write on this pure website. So, I decided to add to the rubbish of quizzes and make my own, at least one that I could stand.

The topic of the quiz isn't really important. Like most of these quizzes, the results are random and have a high possibility of not being true or correct. There are four possible outcomes. Answer truthfully, and perhaps you'll get one that is slightly accurate.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
When you are driving in your car, what is most likely going on?
I'm uh... driving in my car.
I'm riding dirty.
I'm really hot because I own a car worth more than my life.
listening to music.
I'm actually... in a rocket ship. Blasting away to eat at the moon's cheese. (mmm)
When you hang out with your friends, you usually do what of the following?
go to the mall.
tell your parents you are "going to the mall" and then do something completely different.
check out hot guys/girls.
uhm.. it probably has something to do with breaking the law.
styling your hair.
go get Henna tattoos!
Do you like to read?
yes, i like to get lost in a world of faeries and colors.
no, reading is for poopy school faggots.
no. i like to eat. i'm hungry.
I refuse to ask a question about colors. But I suppose I'll give in and ask the following: What's your favorite music to listen to?
Country. Yee-haw.
Rap and R&B. yo.
Whatever's on the radio.
Rock n Roll and variances of it: indie, modern, old, whatever.
Uh. Sweet tunes, dude.
What's most important in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex?
that last word in the question.
if we can chill together. just have a good time, enjoy one another's company.
their looks.
only if they worship me.
i dont have relationships.
Do you like boogie-monsters?
why the heck not.
yeah, well like i use to believe in them dude. but not so much anymore. but still a fun concept.
like, the things that come out of my nose?
who cares. i'm hot like Paris Hilton.
freaking... monsters. i dont want to talk about them. ah!
Who would you most like to meet?
a deceased family member/loved one.
a really hot famous celeb.
Puff the Magic Dragon ;)
my best friend, Rachel Ann.
your soul mate.
a p--- star. or, perhaps Carmen Electra will do.
What's your favorite meal?
any time is a good time for a meal.
right after that cruise in your car.
i dont eat meat.
cereal with little marshmellows in them! oh man. delish.
What is your favorite possession?
Puff the Magic Dragon.
your cell phone.
your cell phone. so you can easily get in touch with your dealer.
your car.
your clothes.
Do you enjoy school?
yes. i mean, i like seeing all my friends and whatnot. but academics aren't really my thing.
yes. school is amazing.
yes. i am the teen queen. i practically own the place.
yes. well, only the first couple of periods. because everyone knows what you did right before you came.
no. school is for morons.
i break for butterflies.

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