Are You A Good Quiz Creator?

There are a lot of quizzes on GoToQuiz that are full of nonsense and are a waste of time. The results are inaccurate or just plain dumb. Are you one of the people who creates these type of quizzes?

Should you even be able to create quizzes? Are your quizzes useless or annoying? This quiz is for the people who create quizzes on GoToQuiz. I hope you find your results accurate.

Created by: Hinata
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  1. Do you stay on topic when creating a quiz?
  2. Do you copy the examples and put it in your quiz?
  3. Do you keep repeating the same things over and over on your quiz?
  4. Do you say things like "This site is making me type 150 characters so I'm gonna say random things to fill up the space"?
  5. Do you ever go "Last question!" when it really isn't?
  6. Do you ask what gender or age the person is when the quiz already has on its own?
  7. Do you have a lot of misspelled words in your quizzes?
  8. Do you cuss a lot on your quizzes?
  9. How are your rates?
  10. Do you ever say, "Did you like this quiz?" or "Are you bored yet?"?
  11. Do your quizzes usually end up in the top 100?
  12. Do you create quizzes that predicts people's futures?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Quiz Creator?