How Chuck Norris Are You

There are few who know the way of Chuck Norris and there are many who say they do.Are you one of the few who has real knowledge of Chuck Norris? well take the quiz and find out! Good Luck!

Chuck Norris is the Bomb! i hope you do well on rthis quiz cause it is about Chuck Norris the most awesome supe human of all! CHuck NORRIS ROCKS YOUR WORLD AND YOU KNOW IT!

Created by: Taylor
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  1. Fill in the blank," Chuck Norris can slam a...
  2. Fill in the blank, "Chuck Norris Built what city in a day?"
  3. The first rule about Chuck Norris is...
  4. Everybody loves ___ Except Chuck Norris
  5. if at first you don't ___ your not Chuck Norris
  6. Chuck Norris was who ___ was talkin bout
  7. Chuck Norris can judge a __ by its cover
  8. Chuck Norris Shot the sherrif but he ____ the Deputy
  9. Chuck Norris is the reason ___ is hiding
  10. ____s fave. color is Chuck Norris

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