Are YOU America's Next Top Model???

There are many people who want to be America's Next Top Model...but only a few people ever get the spot...this quiz will help see if you meet America's Model expectations. Hopefully you will...

America's Next Top Model (often shortened to Top Model or abbreviated as ANTM) is a competitive reality television show hosted by former Victoria's Secret model Tyra Banks. The first "cycle" premiered in May 2003 and was one of UPN's highest rated shows. The show's seventh cycle was the first of the shows among regular programming on UPN's successor network, The CW, and thus far is the network's highest rated series. The opening theme is sung by Tyra Banks

Created by: Shayne of this site
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to pose a lot?
  2. Do you like yourself?
  3. Do you like negative, or helpful, or critic comments?
  4. Do you like to travel?
  5. Do you cry when you see fat people?
  6. Do you like to hang around gay people?
  7. Would you want to sleep with your gay judges?
  8. Does food that is bigger than your pinky seem like to much to eat?
  9. Do you like to pose naked?
  10. Do you like to imagine yourself naked around your friends and family?

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Quiz topic: Am I America's Next Top Model???