America's Next Top Model Trivia

Do you know all there is to know about America's Next Top Model? Are you A model genius? What is a model genius? Well a model genius is someone who watches America's Next Top Model every Wednesday and knows everything about this show!

Take this short quiz to see if you have what it takes to be an America's Next Top Model genius! If you get a few wrong don't worry you can't win them all.

Created by: Megan of this site
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  1. Who was ANTM's fist winner?
  2. Who was the shortest winner?
  3. Which contestant won CoverGirl of the week from start to finish?
  4. Who was the oldest winner?
  5. When did ANTM fist premier?
  6. In cycel2, contestants appeared in Tyra's music video, for what song?
  7. In cycle 3, which international destination did the girls visit?
  8. Where was ANTM judge Negel Barker born?
  9. Which ANTM contestant had a role in season 2 of Veronica Mars?
  10. Which ANTM judge appeared in the movie "The Blues Brothers"?

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