are you addicted to laxatives?

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this is a quiz to tell if your addicted to laxatives laxatives are seen as harmless to most however it can severely affect your health by abusing them in areas such as your brain

you must answer all questions honestly as this is a test from the human biology section of oxford university. my name is Alexander Jocavic or Dr Jocavic

Created by: Alexander Jocavic

  1. how often do you defecate?
  2. what is your breakfast?
  3. are you addicted to laxatives?
  4. what do you take when you have a head ache?
  5. when did you last poo your pants?
  6. what is the constancy of your defecation?
  7. what colour is your poo?
  8. what does your poo smell of?
  9. how quickly do you poo after eating?
  10. do you have any dietary issues

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to laxatives?

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