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  • Your Result: Vampire 91%

    You as a Vampire loves sleep and loves the dark. Can live for a very long time and usually very educated. Vampires commonly have polymorphic ( a allergy caused by the sun). Dislikes people and anything living. But has some interest in the opposite gender. Also has an ability to be able to sense object in the dark, may not see them- but can most definitely know their there. Some things you as a Vampire may find interesting is history or writing. Usually a vampire is extremely pale. If not white, if not VERY light brown. Does not show any emotion towards other people pain and blood. Another things Vampires usually have is autism. You Vampires also do not like normal jokes, and like werewolfs, have a different laugh, or none at all. Finally a vampire hates do anything that involves action, so if you are one, you should know not to try any sports

    Yeah I am really bloodthirsty

  • Vampire,I am a loner and I wouldn't mind living off of liquids only such as blood as well as living in the dark alone. Being able to turn into a bat and have fangs seems cool to me. Cool quiz mate.

  • No it does not your super dumb how should I know am the smarts kid in the class and one of the 2 vampires and 1 person in my class named Bruce is a werewolf

  • Actually, 10+9 equals 109, I can't believe you didn't know that.

  • 89% VAMPIRE!!!

    Rahaazdun Thur
    • 90% vampire. Lol your result is so close to mine.

    • This quiz said vampire but I know Im a werewolf


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