Are you a viking?

Vikings are cool. Who doesn't want to be a viking. I believe the male warriors were the vikings and the female warriors were the valkyries? Maybe that's pretty cool.

Are you a viking? Take this quiz to find out. Maybe you are. Who knows. This quiz is the best just like you. It is a wonderful quiz. Glorious. Just like a viking.

Created by: Surge

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  1. Are you from Scandinavia?
  2. Do you know anyone named Thor?
  3. Do you like the cold weather?
  4. Do you have dreams of rowing?
  5. Would you put a dragon on the front of your boat to scare everyone?
  6. Are you a warrior?
  7. Are the Vikings the first white people to come to North America?
  8. Would you get viking tattoos?
  9. Are you ruthless?
  10. You should watch the movie the 13th Warrior

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Quiz topic: Am I a viking?