How viking are you?

So do you have viking ancestors? Are you wondering? Do you want to know? I shall very soon reveal to you something you never knew before. So stop readi g this thing and take my second quiz!!!

If you do not have viking ancestors you could have cool ancestors from other places like sparta lol. Please rate and/or comment,thank you very much-Eirene

Created by: Eirene
  1. Out of 10 how bad is your temper
  2. Where are your parents from?
  3. How many of these descriptions fit you? 1. Never/rareley show pain ie tolerate it 2. Are strong 3. Auburn/red headed
  4. Are you proud?
  5. Are you fierce?
  6. Do you think you have viking ancsestors?
  7. I'm making this quiz on my nintendo. lol
  8. You are an idiot.
  9. Will you rate?
  10. Comment

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Quiz topic: How viking am I?