Which viking tribe are you ?

The vikings were a people woho lived about 1200 years ago in northwest europe. They were a race of explorers and fighters, indeed they discovered america 600 years before columbus.

But the question is which tribe of vikings do you belong to ? there are 4: Norse Danes Hakons and Vanir. This quiz will help determine which you should have been in.

Created by: fluteplayer3
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  1. Lets start. What do you look like ? If u dont quite fit them then chose the closest.
  2. Which is your Favourite weapon ?
  3. You are about to face battle and are outnumbered what tactics will you chose ?
  4. When you capture a town what do you do first ?
  5. When you loot what do you value more ?
  6. What is painted on your shield ?
  7. What state is your beard in ?
  8. If you were to worship a god which one would it be ?
  9. Chose your viking name.
  10. Finally which sort of giant are you most afraid of ?
  11. Cheers for taking the quiz. I hope you discovered something profound. You probably didn't and so better luck next time !! By the way I'm a british descendant of the vikings so I know what Im talking about.

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Quiz topic: Which viking tribe am I ?