What's Your Survivalue?

SURVIVALUE: noun. the value of a person in the wild. i.e. how long they would make it if they had to rely on strength, smarts and stamina to survive. This quiz is especially good for anyone thinking of joining the Passion Fire Tribe as we have decided that tribe members need to have survivalue.

What's YOUR survivalue? Are you a city mouse, a stray poodle, a feral cat, a crow, or a real bad ass rogue??? Take this amazing wonderful intriguing quiz to find out!

Created by: Cassia

  1. How many of these can you climb with ease? [fence, building, tree, rope, boulders/cliffs]
  2. How many of these can you ride/drive? [[bike, car, horse, boat, other]]
  3. You have to get from CA to NY alone. How many of these things can you do? [[read maps, understand train/bus/plane schedules, find your way through strange cities, use public transportation confidently]]
  4. How many of these things have you done? [[hitchhiking, train hopping, other alternative means of getting places]]
  5. ENDURANCE-- Do you have it?
  6. Can you hike barefoot?
  7. know how to track an animal?
  8. I can balance on ledges, rails, logs etc
  9. I have been trained in a martial art or form of self defense
  10. How many push ups can you do?
  11. I am fast and agile
  12. FLEXIBILITY-- Do you have it?
  13. I'm a ninja, I am so stealthy and sneaky!
  14. I know herbal remedies for illnesses and can make them myself from scratch
  15. I can make and mend my own clothing
  16. I can cook from scratch
  17. I can make FIRE using only STICKS!
  18. I can grow a healthy garden!
  19. I could hypothetically shoplift if I needed to [not that I ever would]
  20. I have been dumpster diving
  21. I can identify edible plants in my ecosystem
  22. I have been urban foraging
  23. I can make shelter if I got lost in a wilderness
  24. I've read extensivly or taken classes about survival in the wild and in dangerous situations
  25. I'm literate
  26. I'm reallly good with people
  27. I'm emotionally balanced and overall I can deal with my problems, but I am not afraid to ask for help

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Quiz topic: What's my Survivalue?