Warrior Cats: Into the wild + Fire and ice

So you've decided to look here for some quizzes have you? Good choice. I searched and searched for a good website to make a quiz on, and this is the best one for the job!

This is all about the first two books in the series: Warriors by Erin Hunter. If you haven't read the books: Into the wild and Fire and ice, then read them! I suggest that even if you have, read them again for a good result!

Created by: Mooshroom9

  1. How long had Longtail been a warrior when he and Firepaw first met?
  2. What did Tigerclaw say Ravenpaw looked like on Firepaw's first training session?
  3. What colour eyes does Yellowfang have?
  4. Which ShadowClan warrior killed Spottedleaf?
  5. Whose kits supposedly had a cough when Firepaw searched for Yellowfang?
  6. Who was Longtail's mentor?
  7. Which RiverClan warrior fell down the gorge on Fireheart's first warrior mission?
  8. What did Cinderpaw say the trees looked like on her first day of training?
  9. When Fireheart first met Princess he didn't know who she was. What did he brush against to scare her away?
  10. Bonus question! What did Fireheart share between him and Yellowfang, breaking the warrior code?

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