How viking are you?

This is the test if you belive in asatro or not it allso shows you if you are a bad or a good person and a bad person is christiam and a good person is heathen good luck on the quiz I wish you good luck on the quiz and hope that it will prove you who you are

Test it do the test see who you are, are you bad/christian or are you good/heathen finde out with my help good luck see if you'r viking I hope you prove that you'r a good person and heathen remember to answer real answer real answer real answer real

Created by: Varg

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  1. What is the religion called that a viking belive in?
  2. Who owns Mjolnir?
  3. What is Yggdrasil?
  4. You'r two best friends starts to fight with swords, you...
  5. Is it right to sacrifice a living animal to the gods?
  6. Did vikings have horns on the helms?
  7. Are you a good person?
  8. Do you celebrait x-mas?
  9. Have you seen Odin, Tor, Vidar, Tyr, Frej or any god?
  10. Do you got a Torshammare?
  11. What is a Torshammare?
  12. Do you like how I see christians?
  13. Do you like this quiz?
  14. Do you belive in asatro?

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Quiz topic: How viking am I?