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What do you reall know about Sweden? Let's see if you are a true viking! As you probably know, we eat just rotten fish, meatballs and potatoe dumplings here. But what do you know more?

Are you interested in Sweden? Even if you are not, take this quiz! Compare your result with your viking-friends after you've taken the test! Lycka till! (Good luck!)

Created by: Dan

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  1. How many cities with a population over 100,000 is in Sweden?
  2. The king has the right to vote in Sweden
  3. Nowadays, swedes pay more than double in taxes than they did in 1960
  4. The Socialdemokrats are the biggest party in the Parlament
  5. The National Day in Sweden is a very important day for the swedes which they celebrate with much pomp
  6. Which of these are not an official minority language in Sweden:
  7. Which is the oldest town of these ones?
  8. All pupils learn german in Swedish schools
  9. You always need to have fullfilled upper secondary school studies to enter the universities in Sweden
  10. About how many are muslims in Sweden?
  11. It is common to say "Bonjour" when you greet people in Sweden
  12. In Swedish "stop" is something you drink beer from.
  13. Which is the more common name on swedes, of these ones:
  14. Swedish is the official language of
  15. The longest time anyone was primeminister in Sweden was
  16. The greatest main export partner for Sweden is
  17. The greatest main import partner for Sweden is
  18. How many in % of the swedish labou force is unionized (member of an union)

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