Hi there. Hello. Hi. You will be taking one of my TRUE VIKING TESTS and I really hope that you enjoy it lots! I loved making it a lot and I will make more! I love

Can YOU handle this test? It was a pleasure making it so I will take it myself and I hope that this gets on the top 40 quizzes. I really do so please rate and comment or if not, Vikings will not be your friends. :) Lex

Created by: Lexy

  1. If a mean Spartan girl slapped you in the face for pillaging her fellow Spartans, what would you do?
  2. What do you look like?
  3. How is the quiz so far?
  4. What does Kveykva even mean?
  5. I'm getting ready...
  6. Do you fight back?
  7. Where's your weapon? What kind?
  8. I challenge you to a duel!
  9. Almost done!
  10. Are you tough?
  11. Bye!
  12. Do you watch Riders of Berk?

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