What type of pie represents your personality?

Hello again! This is my second quiz on GoToQuiz, and it answers the age old question you ask yourself daily: If I were a pie, what type would I be? What's this? You don't ask yourself that daily? Oh... N-neither do.. I.... 😕

I hope you enjoy the taking of this quiz just as much as I loved making it! Please, after you take it if you could leave a comment on your result, if my quiz was alright, and whatever the flip else you wanna! Have a good day! 😋

Created by: Geo_Samitrae

  1. Let's start off with an easy one: You typically wear...?
  2. Favorite animal of these?
  3. Favorite food of these?
  4. Rate how good you think you look, 1 being not so hot and 5 being incredibly good looking.
  5. When you are bored, what is the thing you see yourself most likely to do?
  6. Which of these jobs do you think you'd most likely have?
  7. Taste in music?
  8. What stereotype do you think you have?
  9. Finish the sentence: I feel like...
  10. Thanks for taking, you are all done!

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Quiz topic: What type of pie represents my personality?