Are you a viking?

i am a norwegian norn and my ancestors were great vikings like naddod, who discovered iceland, but anyway, i made this quiz to see how many of you are strong, powerfull vikings!!!

so in this quiz find out if you have what it takes to kill a brit with your butthole.MONEY IN THE BANK SHAWTY WHAT YOU FART!!! man i hate how you have to write 150 words for this quiz blablabla

Created by: Brandon

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  1. You see a brit or a french man what do you do
  2. Did vikings helmets really have horns on them?
  3. what is your religion
  4. you are sailing in a viking longship along with dozens of soldiers heading to briton to raid them and you see a storm ahead what do u want to do
  5. what country do you decend from
  6. what is you weapon of choice
  7. 2+2=____
  8. what is odins sons name
  9. how old is your cat
  10. so you are raiding a jew church, a monk dude named mel decides to challenge you to a fight to the death at 3:30 what do you do

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Quiz topic: Am I a viking?