Are you a true Vikings fan?

As the fight song goes, V-I-K-I-N-G-S, Skol, Vikings, lets go! The Minnesota Vikings have made winning their goal, and have fulfilled that goal greatly.

Are you a true fan of the purple and gold? This quiz will tell you. "V-I-K-I-N-G-S, Skol, Vikings, Lets Go!!!! Good luck with my quiz. VIKINGS VIKINGS VIKINGS!

Created by: AProcks!
  1. What is the Vikings' all time record?
  2. How many times has Percy Harvin returned a kick for a touchdown?
  3. True or false: Paul Krause holds the record for most interceptions in a career
  4. Does Adrian Peterson hold the record for most rushing yards in a game and if so how many yards did he gain
  5. How many Vikings are in the Hall of Fame?
  6. What numbers have the Vikings retired?
  7. What are the Vikings team colors?
  8. What division are the Vikings in?
  9. True or false: Adrian Peterson wanted number 29, but it currently belonged to Chester Taylor.
  10. True or False: the Vikings helmets are purple with white horns
  11. True or false: Cris Carter wore number 88

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Vikings fan?