How Viking are you?

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There are many brave people, but few true Vikings who roam this world in search of their true being. In their quest to please Odin and Reach Valhalla they seek out others like them.

Are you a Viking? Only true and noble Vikings who are blessed by Odin will succeed in answering this quiz correctly. So take a few minutes and see if you are true Viking or a pretender.

Created by: jeanette
  1. Where do Vikings come from?
  2. What is a Viking War ship called?
  3. Did Vikings have horns on their helmets?
  4. What did Vikings Drink out of?
  5. Why did Vikings kill some of their animals in Autumn?
  6. What did a typical Viking home look like?
  7. What did Vikings like to drink
  8. What does the word Viking mean?
  9. What was the Viking God of Thunder called?
  10. How were Vikings buried after death?
  11. Where did Vikings go after death?
  12. What did Vikings call their children?

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Quiz topic: How Viking am I?