Viking Trivia by Adam Liang

Many people think of vikings as blood-thirsty people with no customs, and all they do is fight, fight, fight until they die. But thats not true! Vikings are very interesting people and they are certainly not people who just kill and kill and continue to kill!

Do YOU know about vikings? Or are you just another person that thinks vikings are ruthless people because you saw "vikings" fighting on TV? Do you know your stuff, or do you know very little about vikings? Well take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Adam
  1. Vikings were also called...
  2. Which one of these wasn't viking god?
  3. Vikings occasionally kill women for...
  4. Vikings usually wore...
  5. Vikings were divided into 3 different groups meaning slave, freeman, and earl. Which are they?
  6. Vikings were very...
  7. A book that recorded Leif Erikson's journey's is called:
  8. Which of these did vikings never carry?
  9. Which of these isn't viking jewelery?
  10. Vikings ate...

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