Which school boy are you?

Hiya liang nui! Hi liang jai! Want to ride in my Honda? Sure liang jai! Jump in! * I'm a Chinese girl, in a Chinese world Eating wonton, it's perfection I have light brown hair, Sanrio everywhere Frustration, in my generation. Come on bb, let's go drink tea. I'm a Chinese girl, in a Chinese world Playing mahjong, nothing is wrong I have tons of flares, tight shirts everywhere Looking cocky, just can't stop me. I'm Chinese, Asian girl, in a white-people world Egg foo young, just for fun, I do laundry. You're so tall, Chinese doll, eat some jook and chow mein, No FOBS here, egg rolls there, fortune cookie. Eat cha siu, eat bok choi, you can say I love Sam's club. Repeat * Come on bb, let's go drink tea. Ai ai ai yah. Come on bb, let's go drink tea. Ooh ooh Make me cook, make me clean, do whatever is mean I can do some kung-fu, I have loads of bamboo. Come jump in, let's play pool, cruise around just again, Look and stare, dye your hair, rent some movies. Gung jai mein, I'm jook seng, I go to the library Bot paw girls are so jean, you can say I grow string beans. Repeat* Oh, that guy, kui tai mut gwai? Well liang nui, I'll use my martial arts. Oh I love you liang jai!

Chickens generally live five to eleven years depending on the breed [2]. Male chickens are known as roosters (in the U.S., Canada and Australia); in the UK they are known as cocks when over one year of age, or cockerels when under one year of age[3]. Castrated roosters are called capons. Female chickens over a year old are known as hens. Young females under a year old are known as pullets[4]. Roosters can usually be differentiated from hens by their striking plumage, marked by long flowing tails and bright pointed feathers on their necks.However, in some breeds, such as the Sebright, the cock only has slightly pointed neck feathers, and the identification must be made by looking at the comb. Chickens have a fleshy crest on their heads called a comb or cockscomb, and a fleshy piece of hanging skin under their beak called a wattle. These organs help to cool the bird by redirecting blood flow to the skin. Both the male and female have distinctive wattles and combs. In males, the combs are often more prominent, though this is not the case in all varieties.

Created by: joehoe

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Finish this lyrics We're school boys
  2. Do you like lollypops?
  3. Do you like Jack?
  4. Do you like Brady?
  5. Are you manly
  6. What colour eyes you got?
  7. What would you rather fight with?
  8. What is Your FAVOURITE animal?
  9. What si your idea of randomness?
  10. Who likes short shorts

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Quiz topic: Which school boy am I?