Are you a sea wolf?

Sea wolf is just another name for Viking. I just started reading a book about the Vikings and came across sea wolf and thought it was interesting. Thanks.

Are you a sea wolf? In other words are you a viking? This probably means more to the people of Scandinavia than any where else. Some people think Scandinavia is the greatest place to live so they must be doing something right.

Created by: Serge

  1. Are you a viking?
  2. Do you speak Norse?
  3. Do you loot and pillage cities near the coast?
  4. Are you enough of a warrior to go to Valhalla(Viking heaven)?
  5. Are you a Valkyrie?
  6. Are you tough?
  7. Are you nasty? (Good nasty)
  8. Is the highest honor for you to die in combat?
  9. Are you from Scandinavia?
  10. Would you put a dragon on the front of your boat to scare the begeezus out of everyone?

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Quiz topic: Am I a sea wolf?