Do u want to know what wolf pack you are in?! Then plz click this quiz, it is my first quiz so plz no hate,and btw my name is Alpha Starlight the wolf ^^

and as you can see by the tittle, "what wolf pack are you in" you can see what pack u are in if u were a Wolf, I hope you like this quiz to all wolf fans.

Created by: CanisStarlight @gmail.com
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your wolf personality?
  2. If you were a Wolf, where would you want your territory at?
  3. What would you want your pack's fur color to be?
  4. What weather do you like?
  5. Are you aggressive or nice and sweet
  6. This has no affect but... can u plz rate this? ^^
  7. Sorry..but this the last question, if you saw a moose you would....
  8. If you saw a Pack member hurt, you would..

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Quiz topic: WHAT WOLF PACK am I IN?