Are you a wolf?

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Hooooowwwwwwlllllllllll! Oh, Didn't see you there! I'm a wolf, are you? Oh no! There's a cat here! Want to come? No? OK. Be right back!!!! *skidding back* OK. Back agean! Want to see if your a wolf?

Are you a wolf? Take a few seconds to run by this quiz and find out! You must be a wolf to join our pack! Want to see our lifestyle? Come on!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Firestar
  1. Are you a male, or female wolf?
  2. Do you prefer home or wild?
  3. I'm running with the wolves to hunt. Would you come a long?
  4. A girl\ boy wolf askes to hunt with you. This wolf so happens to have a crush on you that you are unaware of. When you find out you?
  5. You step though the snow. Their seems to be no prey left. You see a big fat rabbit. A twig snaps behind you and the rabbit dashes off. Do you...
  6. A LONE wolf spies you. Later they ask you to run away with them. Do you say...
  7. In the Summer heat, a human boy\girl chases after you. (The boy\girl depends on your gender. Ex, if you are a girl, the human is a boy) You....
  8. You take a mate in a different pack. What happens? That is forbidden.
  9. Asking two simple questions coming up. Meat or Veggies
  10. Forest or plains?
  11. Howl or talk?
  12. River or Shallows
  13. Dog or Wild?

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Quiz topic: Am I a wolf?