Are you a TRue Ninja P:3

This quiz tells if you have what it takes to be a true Ninja. This quize had three parts to it so if you started on this one or the second one, or the first one them this one, you will be compleatly lost in what is going on. so plz if you havnt already read Are you a TRue Ninja, & Are you a TRue Ninja P:2. i hope you like this and plz comment and rate! :)

Do YOU have what it taakes to be a TRUE NINJA!!! Can YOU out smart the mob and kill if you have to??Untill now you could only wonder. But thnx to this quiz u could soon no!

Created by: michelle
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  1. You are about to shoot him when all of a sudden....
  2. The ceiling started to shake! You both look up and then the cieling crashes down! And then everything goes black.
  3. You blink open your eyes to see the sun shining on you. You look down at yourself and youre coverd in dust. You look around to see that youre in the middle of a city and you were just in a building that wwas getting torn down!
  4. No one seems to no you were there! You look down a busy street to see that guy you were about to shoot running away with the gun neatly tucked by his side. so you...
  5. Chase after him! YOU start to run but amedeatly fall, you look down at your feet to find them all scratched up and pooring out blood.
  6. You were hopless. You could barley walk and the guy with the tape ran off. You knew you had to get that tape to the cops so there was only one thing you could do...
  7. you made a signal up in the air and out came SPIDER MAN!!!!! He swung by in his awwesome web and carried you to the hospital!
  8. About an hour later when you were in your hospital bed you told spider man about the guy wwith the tape. you said the tape had valuble info that you needed. Spider Man knew he had a job and that you counted on him.
  9. After spider man left you took a nap knowing all will be well thanks to spider man.
  10. A while later Spider man woke you up and handed you the tape. You thanked him and he climbed out the window. Then you left the hospital and went straight to the police.
  11. You went to the police and it turns out they already had the guy and said that Spider Man dropped him off and they were just waiting for the tape. You gave them the tape and they thanked you with $3,000 and then you found a taxie and went home.
  12. Even though you never knew why those guys wanted the tape so badly since none of them was the guy that confessed, but you knew you did the right thing.
  13. Did you like this quize? NOTE: This quiz had 3 parts to it. if you are very conffused with this i suggest you go back and read Are you a TRue Ninja, & Are you a TRue ninja P:2. PLZ comment and rate!

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRue Ninja P:3