Are you a true directioner

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There are many people out there who say they are true directioners.But how can they prove it? By taking this test you will really know if you are a true directioner.

Do YOU really have ONE DIRECION INFECTION? Do YOU know all the facts about them? Do you wanna know somestuff about them well if you take this quis you'll find out somestuff and you can tell all of your friends.

Created by: pinkyeve

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  1. Who is Irish in the band?
  2. Who is the yooungest in the band?
  3. On what day was on direction formed?
  4. What is their new song called, that they just releast on youtube called?
  5. Who's favorite band is The Fray?
  6. Who only has one Kidney after getting one removed?
  7. How did they all meet?
  8. Who came up with the bands name?
  9. Who confessed to having a pink hair straighter?
  10. How often do you listen to one direction music?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true directioner