Are You A Good Sister? (4 girls)

some kids have brothers and sisters, some are only childs. siblings can be a pain sometimes, right? but you've gotta love them. you'd be so lonely without them!

are you a good sister? do you love ur siblings or hate them? it's all in this quiz. siblings can be a pain bu tif u can stand them you're crazy. if you can't stand them i can't blame you.

Created by: Angel
  1. Wat would u do if one of ur younger brothers/sisters just ruined a project 4 school dat u've been working all week on, and it was due 2morrow?
  2. Do u love ur siblings? (BE HONEST)
  3. r u an only child?
  4. would u rather have a pet or siblings?
  5. how many siblings(or stepsisters) do u have?
  6. r u happy with the amount of siblings u have?
  7. would u perfer older siblings or younger siblings?
  8. do u think ur a good sister?
  9. why r u taking this quiz?
  10. would u perfer brothers or sisters?
  11. do u have younger or older siblings?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Sister? (4 girls)