What's Your Brother's Alignment?

Do you have an annoying brother? This test will determine how good or evil, lawful or chaotic your brother really is. Some people have their brothers as the good guy in their homes, others have everyday conflicts with them.

Many people have annoying brothers, some may be bullies, some may be younger and some may be older. Answer the questions below and you will find out!!!

Created by: Liam
  1. How old are you?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. First of all, do you think your brother is annoying?
  4. Do you think your brother is evil?
  5. Is your brother older than you?
  6. By how much is your brother older/younger than you?
  7. From 1 to 5 rank how bad your brother's tantrum is/was.
  8. Is your brother organized?
  9. Does your brother help you out?
  10. Does your brother lie a lot?
  11. Does your brother bully you?
  12. Does your brother laugh at you for no reason?
  13. Does your brother trip you on purpose?
  14. Does your brother swear?
  15. Does your brother yell or scream at you all the time?
  16. If you misbehave, what would your brother do?
  17. Does your brother call you names?
  18. Does your brother beat you up?
  19. Is your brother selfish/greedy?
  20. Has your brother ever murdered or attempted murdering someone?
  21. Does your brother argue a lot and with who?
  22. How big is your brother's ego?
  23. What does your brother hate the most of these?
  24. Do you think your brother hates you?
  25. Did you like this quiz? (Does not affect result)

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