Which Sister are YOU?

There once were four girls, who shared a pair of shoes. They were all different sizes, yet the shoes fit each of them. You may think this is a suburban myth, but I know it is true because I am one of them - one of the sisters of the Traveling Shoes. Best friends, we make up one whole more than four seperate ones, but The Shoes have taught us how to be together even while wer'e apart. They have been to California, England, Ireland, France, Alaska, and home to Hawaii, where they make their rounds among us.

But which sister are you most like? Whose personality does yours most closely resemble? Or are you actually Amelia, Jenny, Emma, or me - Summer? (Haha) Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Summer Borowski
  1. Let's go back to basics. What's your favorite color?
  2. What is your favorite flower?
  3. And which season?
  4. If I could be a Disney princess, I'd be:
  5. Three words that DON'T describe me:
  6. How's your love life?
  7. Which That 70's Show guy are you?
  8. When I grow up I want to...
  9. If I were a decade I'd be:
  10. Favorite Band:
  11. Which one are you?
  12. You hate:
  13. Think of a boy.
  14. Pick one:
  15. Pick an instrument.
  16. How do you roll?
  17. Harry Potter is:
  18. Four girls are crusin' in a convertiable, wind in their hair, stereo blastin'. Which one are you?
  19. What's your best color spectrum?
  20. If you had some free time, you would:
  21. Fav Flav?
  22. If you were a country, you'd be:
  23. Cool is:
  24. And lastly, figure it out. Which one are YOU?

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Quiz topic: Which Sister am I?