Hawaii Summer Romance part 2

Hawaii bby ♥ And who's here to say Aloha? One Direction ♥ Now it's time to pick your fav guy. Are you ready to decide? Is your 1D guy perfect for you?

Okaii. (Recap) You and Zayn are going on a date so have fun! And yet another surprise in this amazing quiz once again! Can't wait for this new quiz eh? ♥

Created by: LovelyTeenWriter
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  1. You woke up that morning to see Zayn at your front door with a surf board in his hand. "You up for surfing, love?" He asked you smiling a little. "How did you know I---" you tried to ask but the words wouldn't come out. "How did I find out that you love to surf? Your cousins can talk. A lot." He responded stepping into your aunt's house. Your aunt scared you when she stood up from a dark corner in the house. "Hmmm Zayn. Where are you going with my niece?" She asked him raising one eyebrow. "Oh we were just going to surf I hear the waves are bigger this time." Zayn told her smiling at you. "Mhm their bigger at 6:30 a.m. in the morning eh?" She said uncertain. "Yep, check the news..." he said grabbing your hand. "Be back at 8:00 okay?" She said sipping her coffee again. Zayn nodded and pulled you out the door.
  2. Zayn opened up the gate too the beach and grabbed his surf board. "Surf's up babe?" He asked you smiling cutely. "Psssh please. That's not how they do it in Florida!" You said rushing out into the ocean water. You paddled your way into the first wave and stood up. "This is how a real pro does it!" You yelled at Zayn surfing the wave. The wave was huge and somehow you were able to surf it without a wipe out. Zayn laughed and smiled at you as you paddled back. "Surf's up" you stated smiling. He nodded and leaned in to kiss you....your reaction was..
  3. If you kissed him then.....yay! And if you didn't oh well. "Zayn...your really confusing me..." You tell him looking back at the waves. "Confusing you? Your kidding right? _______ I'm head over heels for you, don't you see that?" He asked you frowning sadly. You knew you disappointed him and you started crying. "Listen Zayn...it's just...we just met. Like yesterday. Aren't we rushing things...?" You asked hugging him a little. He nodded his head and kissed your forehead. "Beach picnic shall we?" He asked winking at you. You giggled and nodded your head as he grabbed your hand and brung you out the water. He handed you a cupcake and you smiled while eating it. "It's delicious wow..." you told him smiling really hard. And you didn't have to lie because it WAS good. "Thanks. I made it!" He told you smiling back. You nodded your head. "Your a pretty smart guy..." you smiled at him. "Yeah... I guess I am" he told you halfheartedly. You smiled giggling even harder. "I like the way you smile at me...." he told you sitting closer to you. "Yeah?" You asked him. "Yeah." He responded. This time you both leaned in to kiss each other. You kissed him whether you wanted to or not. You two kept kissing for atleast 3 minutes and then you were rudely interrupted. (Stupid interruptions) "Hey Zayn! Stop kissing the babe! The mates need you" Harry yelled at Zayn and you instantly pull away fron him. He growled impatiently at Haz.
  4. "Can't you see I'm busy?!" Zayn yelled at him angrily. "Okay. So you get to kiss the babe, but I can't even get you to help us? Were mates remember." Harry told him staring back at you. "First. Stop call me "babe" I have a name. Second. Stop yelling at him you imbecile you are so immature and your little looks don't work on me." You yelled at Harry looking back at Zayn. "You know what? Shut up. Zayn w----" he yelled at you storming off. "I think I should go. Lovely date. I had a wonderful time." You smiled at him walking off to the exit of the beach. You saw Dani and Eleanor walking down to the beach and you hid in the bushes. "That girl _____ is such an attention w---- she just want our boyfriends." Dani said flipping her hair. "Yeah she's sooooo trying to steal Lou from me. How is she related to Maia?" Eleanor asked me sighing. You heard enough and snuck off in the other direction.
  5. You ran in to Niall on your walk back home. "Oh hey ______, I've been meaning to talk to you!" You looked at him and couldn't help but smile. "Nialler! So nice to see you!" You hugged him and giggled. You and Niall hit it off and talked for two hours straight til' Louis came. "Hey guys watcha talking about?" He asked you and Niall curiously."Oh um nothing. Just about Hawaii, yano?" Niall stated looking at you to add on. "Yeah, I was think of going around to sightsee...with Niall." You added smiling. "Oh okay. Maybe I could bring the whole gang?" Louis asked you two grinning. "Oh...um...sure." you smiled up at him. "Okay we'll go tomorrow 'kay?" Louis asked you. "Okay I'll be ready by then" you laughed. You, Louis, and Niall talked for over an hour until it was time to go home. "Bye guys!" You yelled running up the stairs of your house.
  6. You woke up that morning super tired. "Good morning _____" your aunt told you sipping her coffee. "Good morning. Um Auntie I promised to go sightseeing with Maia and her friends..." you told her smiling. She nodded and shooed you off. You laughed and opened your front door. And surprisingly Harry was right there. "You ready gorgeous?" He asked you holding your hand. For a second, you almost fell for him. "Um yeah. Maia is in the car?" You asked him pointing at the car. "Oh yeah. And look I'm sorry for everything that I've done since you got here..." He apologized smiling a little. You hugged him and started walking to the car. "This will be fun!" Maia shouted happily hugging you. Yep, fun, you thought to yourself.
  7. "Everybody here?" Zayn asked from the front seat. "Is ______ here?" Zayn asked teasing you. You started laughing really hard. "Here!" You giggled smiling at him really hard. "Is Maia here? Does she have Lou's carrots?" Zayn asked smiling at your cousin. "Present. And the carrots are too!" Maia yelled making Eleanor an Dani laugh. "Is _____ looking beautiful as always?" Niall asked from the driver's wheel. "No she isn't!" Eleanor yelled glaring at you. "Huh. Um yes she is Nialler!" You yelled glaring at Eleanor. "Psssh please. Hunny your the ugliest girl here." Dani looked at you like a zoo animal. "Dani. Stop." Louis told her looking at you apologetically. "No. She's a little s---" Dani yelled glaring at you. Liam gave her the angriest look in the world. "I agree with Danielle, this girl is trash" Eleanor said looking at Louis. Zayn and Niall were acting as if they heard nothing. "No." Maia said glaring at them.
  8. "Yeah you heard me. No." Maia yelled at her looking at you. Harry was just glaring at Dani and El with distaste in his mouth. "I thought you were our friend...." they said in shock. "Yeah me too." Maia said quietly turning away. "See you b---- you ruined our friendship!" Dani yelled pushing you on the seat. "Ouch!" You screamed slapping her in the face. "I hate you!" she yelled touching her face. "Stop it Dani!" Liam yelled frowning at her. "Oh whatever!" Eleanor yelled looking at you with disgust. Maia looked at Zayn and shook her head. "Won't me to let you guys out the car?" Zayn asked stopping the car. "Yes!" They screamed opening the car door. "Lou text me!" Eleanor yelled as the car pulled off. "Crazy hags....." you mumbled rubbing your head.
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