Hawaii Summer Romance part 1

Hawaiian love bby! And guess who's hear to say Aloha? One Direction ♥ amd now it's time to pick your dream guy while your here with your Aunt Prim and cousins!! Who will be your guy this summer?

Watch out for Liam's and Lou's girlfriends tho. They don't seem to like you much even tho your a amazing girl!! But forget them your here to have fun, surf, and hang out with family! ♪

Created by: LovelyTeenWriter

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  1. It was summer break. Finally. It was time to do what you do best. Surfing. You loved surfing your father called you his "little mermaid" which made you laugh. It was finally time to kick back and relax until your father gave you horrid news. "(Your name), I'm sorry to tell you but...I'm sending you to Hawaii with your aunt prim until I get settled in with the shop" your father told you frowning unhappily. Your reaction...
  2. "So, when were you going to tell me?" You growled slightly angry. "Don't give me that tone young lady, you know business has been rough" your dad growled back at you. You nodded your head and looked away from him. "Your bags are packed...and their in the car, the limo driver will drive you to the airport" your dad said pushing you out the door. You mumbled "Bye Pops" as you slowly walked out the door and into the car. "I love you _____ have a safe trip!" He yelled as the car pulled off from your house. "Huh. He REALLY cares about me" you mumbled kicking the seat in front of you.
  3. You just got picked up from the airport by your aunt's limo driver and he drove you to her mansion. "Huh. Living in a mansion? What am I? Cinderella?" You asked sarcastically stepping out the car. "Hmm she lived a good life didn't she?" The limo driver said grabbing your bags. You ignored him because you were still angry and walked up to the porch. "Hey _____, you didn't even say hi!" Your cousin yelled at you from the sidewalk. You turned around to see her with a really cute boy with a mohawk, blue eyes, and a killer smile. You walked up to them and hugged your cousin, Maia. "Who's this Maia?" The boy asked winking at you. Of course you stood there and blushed at him. "Oh! Almost forgot! ______ this is Zayn Malik my best friend and Zayn this is _____ my favorite cousin!" she exclaimed smiling really hard. He looked at you again and bit his lip. "Um I like your name, Zayn" you smiled at him.
  4. "Guys I have to go meet up with Nialler, but I'll be back!" Maia yelled at you two starting down the sidewalk. "Don't forget about Lou's carrots mkay?" He yelled at your cousin. She nodded and ran out of sight on the next street. "Sooo, want me to show you around the neighborhood, love?" He asked you with his British accent. Yep, he's a britt. "Um...sure I'd love that" you smiled at him again. He winked at you and took your hand. "Come on, I'll show you the ocean first" He said walking down the sidewalk pulling you along. "M A J O R HOTTIE!!!" You thought as he gently held your hand is. "So, how long are you staying, love?" He asked you concerned
  5. "So this is the beach where mostly me and my mates hang out" Zayn said pointing at this group of boys and girls. "Hey, who are those two chicks talking to my cousins" I asked him looking at two really pretty girls. "Oh them? Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder" He told me waving at a blonde boy. "I guess it's time for us to walk over there then..." I stated keeping my eye on the cute blonde guy. "Oh yeah, sure thing _____" he told you holding your hand still as you two walked over there. "And who's this beautiful girl you have here?" The cute blonde guy asked Zayn smiling at you. "Her name is _____ she just got here. She's living with Ms. Prim. That's her aunt" He explained to everyone. "Oh, its lovely to meet you darling! I'm Danielle but call me Dani!" The girl who you were looking at said. "I'm _____ but please call me _____" you said back smiling. "Hey, love. I'm Louis but call me Lou" The boy next to her said eating a carrot. You smiled at him. "He is REALLY cute..." you thought blushing a little. "And I'm Nialler, gorgeous." Th blonde boy said kissing your hand gently.
  6. You giggled and blushed after he did that, you might've been having a good time but Zayn was jealous. "Hey _____ want to go on a date? Just you and me it'll be fun!" Zayn asked you smiling. Man, his smile could make any girl faint. You looked at Niall who seemed to be glaring at Zayn. You looked at the time have their silent argument until some guy started acting like a lunatic and yelling his a-- off. "Hey who is that?!" You yelled pointing at the guy who kept screaming. "Hazza, I think he found out that we stole his hair gel" Niall laughed taking his attention off of Zayn. "Haz, shut up you idiot you sound like a alarm went off!" A really good looking boy yelled at him. "His name is actually Hazza?" You asked Niall looking confused. "Oh naww his name is Harry." He replied as the two boys walked over. "Hey who's the babe?" Harry asked pointing at you as if you were a zoo exhibition. "I'm _____ and your obviously some crazed guy yelling like an imbecile" I pointed out crossing my arms. He smirked and winked at you which made you uncomfortable. "Sorry about him, I'm Liam nice to meet you _____" The boy who was yelling at Harry before stated. You smiled at him. "So, haven't seen you around here before" Harry laughed taking your hand in his. "Okaii, this guy might be hot but what's his problem? ADHD or somethin'?" You thought to yourself..
  7. "Ay! So girl lets talk about you and me---" Harry tried to say before your cousins cut him off. "OMG _____ WE HAVE TO GET HOME WE ARE SO DEAD!!!" They yelled grabbing your hand and running to the exit by the beach. "BYE GUYS!" You said waving at them. "What a loser" you heard Dani whisper to Eleanor. Well then, you thought. "YOUR LUCKY WE DRAGGED YOU OUT THERE, YOU DON'T WANT TO BE HARRY HE IS A BADA--, YANO? Maia yelled at you as you headed up the steps off your house. "Yeah, I guess so..." you replied walking through the front door. "Where have you been?" Your aunt asked you three girls. "Um mum we were down at the beach..." Maia explained fake yawn. Your aunt nodded giving her "the look". "Mhm okaii. Dinner we'll be brought upstairs. Your staying in your room for the rest of the day" your aunt said looking at all of you. You girls nodded and ran upstairs slamming the door. And then...
  8. ★Cliffhanger loves sowwy★
  10. I update every week ♥ Oh and who do you love?

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