How Hawaiian are You?

How much Hawaiian are you? See how well you know and understand a sampling of what makes Hawaii, Hawaii. See if you know the answers to some facts, trivia, or cultural or historical questions about Hawaii.

Find out what level of understanding you are when it comes to knowing facts about Hawaii. Are you a Kama'ina, a Malahini, or "dekine"? Have you lived Hawaii, visited Hawaii, or couldn't find it on a map? It doesn't matter, just have fun seeing what you may know already. A hui ho!

Created by: Amy

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  1. You just arrived at Honolulu International Airport, which type of transportation might you use?
  2. Which type of food is made from the Taro plant?
  3. Which of the following was the name of a famous Hawaiian king?
  4. How many Hawaiian islands make up the state of Hawaii?
  5. Hawaii became a state in what year?
  6. How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet?
  7. What was the name of the island that hosted the Hansen's Disease (Leperasy) colony?
  8. Does it ever snow in Hawaii?
  9. What does "mahalo" mean?

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Quiz topic: How Hawaiian am I?