Are you a good person?

This is themost important quiz available on the internets today. 10 of the most carefully chosen questions will examine your deepest subconscious and determine your value as a person.

Despite the apparant subjectiveness, the answers to these questions are not debatable. They have been designed and scrutinized using the most advanced and rigorous standrads of multiple scholastic disciplines.

Created by: Rick Slide

  1. Eddie Winslow or Theo Huxtable?
  2. Uncle Joey or Uncle Jesse?
  3. Carlton Banks or Cockroach?
  4. Cousin Larry or Mr. Belvedere?
  5. "Jammin' on the one" or "Let's get busy!"?
  6. Cousin Pam or Oliver (the jinx)?
  7. Greg or Peter?
  8. Alice or Geoffrey?
  9. A.C. Slater or Zach Morris?
  10. Mr. Belding or Danny Tanner?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good person?