What Kind Of Person Are You?

" some people are bad and some try others don't care, well others care what is best for them, are you good enough to be a great person our are you a I don't care I just do what I'm told to do and no one else can tell me other wise. If this is you striagten up your act beacuse no one likes a slum, and if you are a great person just makes sure not to be TO GREAT!"

" are you a good person or a bad person? Do you have the willpower to listen to yourself and not others? Now you can find out who you are in just a couple of minutes becasue of this great quiz! So come test yourself to find out more about yourself I bet you will be surprised to see what the world would thinks of you!"

Created by: cathy
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  1. If you had to chose would you rather.
  2. If your were siting in a room full of people who would you chose?
  3. There is a person on the ground who fell over and broke her leg and can't stand what would you do?
  4. Your mom or dad is haveing money problems what would you do?
  5. True or false? There are many people in the world just like you?
  6. There is a person in your class who is haveing problems with their homework you.
  7. You are going to a party where you know there is going to be drinking you.
  8. Your whole family goes out to eat someone at the next table starts choking you.
  9. The boy/girl next door says he wants you to come over in a little while. But you know what he/she really wants you.
  10. You think you are in love with your boyfriend/grilfriend intill you see that they are kissing someone else you.

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Person am I?