Are you a good person?

this quiz determines if you are a good person or not, no matter what you get who cares. you have for cattagories you could fall under, who knows what...have fun!

well good luck on the quiz. not all of us are perfect so dont fret! and agian...have fun! great job if your good, still good if your bad i guess. so well done if you passed better luck next time if you failed!

Created by: Elanna of
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  1. when some one gets hurt you
  2. your best friend fall off a cliff you..
  3. you love reading the bible
  4. a relative you cant stand passes away you..
  5. your boyfriend breaks up with you
  6. your car pool leaves you on purpose you..
  7. someone you cant stand is more abnoxious than ever you..
  8. are you a virgin?
  9. you consider yourself...
  10. did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good person?