Are you a Good or a Bad Parent?

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Parents often wonder if they are good or bad. Being a parent is hard and takes a lot of time, energy and patience. Not everyone is ready to be a parent, and sometimes we make honest mistakes but our parenting can also be damaging for our children, even if that’s not our intention.

Some parents want to be seen as cool and friends, while others know children need rules and discipline. Parenting is not easy. Do you think you’re a good parent? Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Emily

  1. How many children do you have or plan on having?
  2. Are bad words allowed in your house?
  3. Do you ever post photos of your children on social media?
  4. Would you ever consider profit from your children on social media?
  5. Would you ever smoke in front of your children?
  6. You’re walking with your children at the mall. How does it go?
  7. It’s cold outside but your child doesn’t want to wear a jacket. What’s your reaction?
  8. Is your children’s personal hygiene important?
  9. Your child accomplished something at school (won a prize, best grade in class, etc.). What’s your reaction?
  10. Now the other way around: your child scored a low grade at class. What’s your reaction?
  11. Your child did something wrong and acknowledged it. What’s your reaction?
  12. You have several children. Do you treat them differently?
  13. Your child is misbehaving in front of relatives. What do you do?
  14. How do your children deal with homework?
  15. Your child has a fever. What do you do?
  16. Your child is growing and has her own taste in clothing now. How does it go?
  17. Are you planning on having “the talk” with your children when they reach puberty?
  18. Imagine: your pre-teen daughter wants to wear revealing and tight clothes. What’s your reaction?
  19. Imagine: you and your children’s other parent have a conflicted relationship. Do you talk badly about them to or in front of the children?
  20. Imagine: you’re a single or divorced parent. Would you ever bring a sexual date to your house?

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